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last night we gave ellora “solid” food for the first time – check out the video to see how it went… :)

if the video below doesn’t load, try this (just for you, dave)

4 months

my mom told me that once i turned four months old, every day i was doing something new – it looks like ellora is following in my footsteps! seemingly overnight she started reaching for things and actually grabbing them. she also started to smile while on her belly, whereas she used to cry and/or throw up. she’s rolled over three times (due to squirming more than intention) and has gone down to five feeds a day instead of six. this pleases me. she’s a super happy little girl, smiling and laughing, and pretty much only cries when she gets gas pains or needs a hug – don’t we all! she loves her swing (so do we) and her rubber giraffe.

i’m sure every parent feels this way – but my god we are lucky to have her. simply put, we have the bestest little girl on the planet. that’s right, the planet!! ok but seriously she’s pretty awesome. and we are in love. except when i play guitar for her and she laughs at me – neal says i shouldn’t play ben harper to her anymore. whatever.

ok go check out the new pics we posted in the “ellora” section. (here’s a sneak preview)

first family trip

we just got back from our first family vacation – a trip out east! we spent three days driving out to moncton, visited with our friends jerry and bridg at their beautiful ocean-side home, hung out with phil, marie-claire and their two amazing boys samuel and maxime, had a bbq with claire, brendan and sophie at the cottage they were renting in bouctouche, then headed to PEI for a couple days. ellora was amazing – she chilled in the car, enjoyed frequent stops for feedings and play time, snuggled by late night beach bonfires, and slept through the night regardless of how exciting or relaxing her days were. traveling with a three-month old is a lot of work (and a lot of packing!) but we loved every minute of it. every poopy minute :)

2 months

we’re in shock that our baby girl is already two months old!! to celebrate, we have created this seriously cheese video montage for your viewing pleasure:


keeping us on our toes

ellora is two weeks old today!! hard to believe… on the one hand it feels like she’s been with us forever, on the other we can’t help but notice how everything has changed. she’s sleeping very well, this morning she slept from 2:30am-8am in one big stretch, and then from 9am-noon! if we could get her to go down a bit earlier we would be in heaven, but as it is we feel very lucky.

our luck has not been as good, however, in the basement… our hot water heater rusted through and caused a bit of a flood saturday night. we got it replaced yesterday, and today a contractor came to tear up the damaged floor – what a disaster! on the plus side, neal has been bugging me about changing the faux-wood floor to carpet and painting the walls, so now we’ll be able to do that for the cost of our insurance deductible.

not much else to report… i’m slowly healing and every day is getting easier, soon i’ll be out and about – ellora and i will be painting the town red!

Week 1

Wow! what a week! We were very lucky to have the great support of friends and family.  Thanks again to everyone who gave us a hand, you really made Ellora’s first week at home much easier for everyone.  More pics on the photos page. We’ll keep them coming as long as we find the time to put them up!

Ellora Xaouen Phadnis

6lbs. 9oz. 15:56. May 18, 2010
She was 10 minutes old here, probably wondering what just happened?!
We will be posting more pictures in the photos section.

and we’re back…

Welcome to the new phadnis.ca.  If you haven’t heard, we are expecting a little addition to the phamily very shortly… Kat is due on May 19th.  Stay tuned, all baby related info will be posted here.